History of Boulogne

When people search the internet for bologne normally what they are looking for is the sausage. However the word may be misspelled, the search engine may also bring up another category. The search engine may bring up a city named Boulogne. There is a city with this name and it is located in France. The purpose of this blog is to give information regarding the history of Boulogne.

Boulogne, France was originally named Gesoriacum in very early history. By the fourth century the city became known by the Romans as Bonania. This city served as the major port connecting the Roman empire to Britain and was used by Claudius as a base to invade Britain in 43 until 296 AD.

The history of Boulogne continues during the Middle Ages the area was fought over between the French and British. Then in 1550 The Peace of Boulogne ended the war of England with Scotland and France. France then bought back the city. The Napoleonic period was the next period of history in which Boulogne, France was significant. Napoleon tried to use Boulogne to invade the United Kingdom in 1805. However his planes were halted by other European matters.

A final period of history in which Boulogne, France was known was during the two world wars. The city had a major influence during the wars. For instance, during the invasion of D Day the harbor of the city was bombed to suppress German troops.

The history of Boulogne, France today rests with the history of the city and the many attractions found within or in a near proximity to the city. Such attractions include Napoleon Battle and even Notre Dame. I would recommend visiting this because of the variety of things to do from history to culture and festivals.