History of Bologna

The only history really known about bologna is that famous Oscar Meyer song. You know the one that goes my bologna has a first name it’s . . . . Oh sorry I am starting to get carried away. Well anyways we all know that bologna is a type of sausage made from different types of meat. However what we do not know is how did it originate and where did it come from. Americans who love this tasty treat do not know the history of bologna.

In order to understand the history one first must have a comprehension of what the sausage is. Bologna is a cooked, smoked sausage made of beef, pork, or a mixture of the two meats. A typical recipe for the sausage includes but is not limited to salt, sugar, pepper, and spices, plus a curing mixture that prevents such contaminations as botulism. Any type of meat can actually be used. For instance some bologna makers may decide to use venison, which is deer meat, or moose. The next step of the process is to grind the meat together with the other ingredients. Next it is poured into casings. The next part of the process is to finally cook and package the meat.

Now that you know a little about how the meat is manufactured where does the history come into play. The history of bologna traces back to a city in Italy called Bologna. Traders that passed through the village would have picked up the sausage in Bologna, therefore the city became identified with the sausage. The history of bologna is traced back to the mid 1400’s when these traders were discovering the sausage. Who would know that the sausage would be an important part of history in years to come?

By the nineteenth century in England and America bologna had become the generic name for any type of pork sausage. Tracing its roots back to that Italian town. Now the history of bologna is made by those Americans who enjoy it as a tasty treat and pass it down to their children for generations to come.