Bologne is a word that is often mis-spelled and/or mis-used by Americans.  Bologne, or baloney, is used to refer to a city in France, bologna sausage (which is named after that city), and non-sense. Even though the Oscar Meyer song clearly spells out bologna in the famous song, the term is commonly misspelled by so many people.

This blog will deal with some of all the above topics, but especially with the delicious treat that has helped feed and raise generations of Americans.   Also, look here for some recipes to use bologna sausage. The main purpose of this blog is to give information regarding the city in France and history and recipes of the actual sausage that we all know and love.

First of all I am going to give you some basic information on the topic and then on the pages under the category they will be further discussed. Bologne France is actually misspelled. It is actually spelled Boulogne, but it is commonly misspelled. This blog will discuss attractions found in Boulogne and also the history of the city. Other possible sub topics include traveling the countryside in Boulogne France.

On the other side of the topic there is Bologne the sausage. However this is actually spelled Bologna. This refers to the sausage loved by so many Americans and the famous Oscar Meyer brand products. The purpose of this blog is to give recipes for the tasteful sausage and to also give a history of the famous sausage.